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This is the information you came to The Guitar ReRanch to find.... The information you need to get it right! So, let's go...

ReRanch 101

This is the place to start. Here guitar finishing and refinishing is approached in a general but still detailed manner. The techniques discussed can then be applied to almost any refinishing project.

Solid Colors, Metallics and Blonde

The application of solid colors such as Surf Green and Daphne Blue is covered here. Metallic application of colors like Lake Placid Blue Metallic along with translucent finishes such as Blonde are discussed as well.

Fender Neck Refinishing

Refinish your worn Fender neck using wood dyes or The Guitar ReRanch aerosol spray cans. Also, clear coating decals.

Fender Sunbursts

Two color bursts from 1954 to '58 and the three color vintage bursts of the 1960's are the subjects of conversation here.

Gibson Sunbursts

Although primarily written from the perspective of restoring a post war Gibson Sunburst, the techniques are universal for a sunburst application.

TV Yellow

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear! Revisit a grain reveling yellow finish from the black and white era of television!

Gibson Cherry Red

Cherry Red is the subject but any translucent color using wood dyes lends itself to the process.

Gibson Goldtop

Many consider the Les Paul Goldtop the most beautiful of all the Gibson finishes. Here is the information that you need to apply a Goldtop finish using the Original Gibson Gold.

Wood Dyes

Some of the more dramatic finishes are achieved through the use of wood dyes. Their use as they related to the guitar builder is covered here.

Sunburst Aerosols

Three color, two color and acoustic sunbursts can now be done with aerosols. Visit this area to discover how.

Many of the finishes discussed can be achieved with the products offered by The Guitar ReRanch.
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