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Colors (Clear and Satin) in Aerosol Sprays, Sunburst Aerosols, Wood Dyes, 3m Brand wet or dry sand paper, 
Oil Based Grain Filler, Finesse It II Polishing Compound, Nitrocellulose Clear Coat Aerosol, Tinted Clear Coat Aerosol, Sand and Sealer Aerosol and more!

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These guitars represent the successful applications of ReRanch products on instruments refinished by the ReRanch as well as our customers. Check them out!
Basic Refinishing
Refinishing 101, Solid Colors, Metallics and Blonde, 
Fender Neck Refinishing, Fender Sunbursts, Gibson Sunbursts, TV Yellow, Gibson Cherry Red, Gibson
Goldtop, Wood Dyes, Sunburst Aerosols
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The Guitar ReRanch offers finishing supplies, services and complete instructions that will enable the first time builder as well as the serious restorer the tools to finish a just built guitar or correctly refinish a vintage instrument to a professional standard.  You will find at The ReRanch only those products which have been proven over time to best serve the builder as well as the instruments they create. We offer primarily wood dyes and instrument grade nitrocellulose lacquers in both colors and clear. We have also attempted to furnish the information needed to successfully complete your project.


The ReRanch product line is based on the products which formed the foundation for the finishing of the great guitars from the 1930s to today. That is, nitrocellulose lacquer, wood dyes and pigmented colors (notably those colors used by Fender and Gibson Guitars in the 1950s and '60s). Although many manufacturers have since switched to polyurethane or water borne finishing materials for their lower end guitars they still reserve dyes and nitrocellulose for use on their top of the line instruments. Likewise, we recommend and offer only the finest finishing products for your masterpiece.


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If your question can assist others, please post it here. The discussion group is open to all interested in the arcane art/science of guitar refinishing and restoration regardless of skill or experience.

An unusual aspect of the ReRanch is the open invitation to inquire not only to the application of our products but to any refinishing questions you may have. I will be glad to attempt to answer your questions at The ReRanch

In the Gallery you can view instruments finished using the techniques and products as applied by The ReRanch and our customers.

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