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The finishing products offered fall into four major categories; aerosol colors, sunburst colors, wood dyes and supplies. Should you have need for a product not shown in the catalog please ask. Many of the products now offered came from customer requests.

In keeping with our goal of offering only the finest of products, all our clear coat and tinted clear coat products use nitrocellulose lacquer from Lawrence-McFadden & Co.

Colors (Clear and now Satin) in Aerosol Sprays

About the Colors....

Where possible the colors are matches to paint found in the control cavities of original instruments as they were undergoing restoration. Colors matched in these areas usually do not show signs of environmental damage or smoke discoloration. They also are not as greatly affected by the color shifting caused by the ultraviolet yellowing of the nitrocellulose clear coat. In other words, these colors have been matched to the truest paint chips available; protected original samples. Where no original colors were available for matching the original Dupont Duco and Lucite formulas were first mixed in an acrylic mix and then recreated in a nitrocellulose lacquer. Note that the nitrocellulose clear coat offered will yellow over time and gracefully age the color and bindings. Opaque colors are blended in nitrocellulose lacquer as were the original colors. Translucent colors are blended wood dyes, again, as were the original colors. The Les Paul Gold contains the same fine copper dust from the same manufacturer as was used on the original Gold Tops. The supplier of the dust also still supplies the powder to Gibson although mica powder is believed to be used on some of the more recent Gold Tops. The original gold is iridescent and will flash a green tint when viewed at different angles. Mica gold will not.

About The Aerosol Spray System....
The paints and dyes are delivered by 16 fluid oz. aerosol spray cans. The products offered are loaded to achieve the best coverage for the specific application. For example, Butterscotch is loaded as a "light" load not to decrease cost but to prevent too heavy of a first application and to reduce the chance of stripes in the finish. Blonde, being a slightly opaque finish, is loaded as a "medium" load to allow the user to gradually opaque the grain in a number of coats rather than give a completely opaque finish in one or two coats. TV Yellow and Dakota Red are loaded as "heavy" loads with the goal being to opaque quickly and completely. The clear nitrocellulose lacquer is also loaded as a heavy load to give good "wet out" and build. Various spray tips are also available and are mated with the specific product to give the best results. The products are essentially a two part application of color followed by clear coats. They can then be finished and polished as detailed on the associated pages of The Guitar ReRanch.

In response to those of you who have asked for a finish that feels less like polished lacquer and more like natural wood, Wood Satin Clear nitrocellulose is now available. It will work over Neck Amber and unlike tung oil will protect the neck from from warping due to moisture absorption. Wood Satin can also be used to give a guitar body a flat finish.

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